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Optimize your digital presence with a strategy focused at your business qualified audience. We help your brand to communicate more effectively. Unlock the Power of Effective Communication.

marketing digital and social media


We create personalized content strategies and help companies to communicate more effectively.

Content strategy is a detailed plan that will guide your marketing actions on digital channels to have the lowest investment with the highest return.


It encompasses important steps such as brand DNA, persona, purchase journey, language structure, tone of voice, among other concepts.


With a complete strategy you will optimize your earnings and increase your market authority. Being present on social media in the right way requires knowledge, technique and a lot of study.

If your business exists, it needs to be online. The consumption habit has changed, including the relationship between brands and customers on social networks. Regardless of the size of a company, if it knows how to communicate it will find a niche and increase profits.

Don't just be a "post maker". Optimize your digital presence and differentiate your brand from the competition.

Estratégia de conteúdo



Social networks are one of the main channels of communication between companies and their customers. Through them, it is possible to create a closer and stronger relationship with the brand. Social network management can help increase the company's visibility, generate engagement, and customers as sales.


Digital marketing is a set of strategies aimed at promoting your company on the Internet. It includes everything from social media management to SEO, paid traffic, and email marketing. It is an efficient way to reach your target audience and generate more leads. With digital marketing, you can expand your company's visibility and win new customers.


Copywriting is the art of writing persuasive texts with the goal of convincing the reader to take a specific action. It is an essential technique for digital marketing, as it helps create ads, emails, landing pages, and other materials that generate effective results. With copywriting, it is possible to arouse the public's interest and generate more sales.


SEO is a set of techniques that aim to optimize a site so that it gets Google's first expectations. It is a fundamental strategy to increase the visibility of the company and attract more organic traffic. With SEO, it is possible to create quality content with the right keywords, which increases the chance of ranking well in search results.


Inbound marketing is a strategy that aims to attract the public through relevant and quality content. It is a way to get the customer's attention, instead of interrupting it with invasive ads. With inbound marketing, it is possible to create a closer relationship with the public, generate leads, and increase sales.


Branding is the management of a company's brand. It is how the company presents itself to the public, with its values, purpose, and image. It is an important strategy to differentiate the company from the competition and create an emotional connection with the target audience. With branding, it is possible to build a strong and vivid brand.


Visual identity is the graphic representation of a company's brand. It includes the logo, colors, fonts, and other visual elements that make up the company's identity. Visual identity is important for creating a consistent image that is recognized by customers. With a well-defined visual identity, a company can stand out from the competition and generate more identification with the public.


Paid traffic is a strategy of paying to display ads on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram. It is an efficient way to increase brand reach and drive traffic to the company's website. With paid traffic, you can reach the right audience and increase the chances of conversion.


The website is the company's virtual shop window. It is the first impression that the public has of the brand on the Internet. Therefore, it is important that the site is well controlled, with good navigability and an attractive design. The construction of the site should take into account the needs of the company and the target audience, so that the user experience is pleasant and efficient. With a well-built site, the company can win more customers and stand out from the competition.



Company focused on content strategy and social media. A 100% digital team, which allows us to work with the best collaborators and partners from every part of the world, with specialties from different countries. 

We serve clients from Brazil and abroad through a multidisciplinary and multilingual team, with knowledge in Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.



Cláudia Reinert, journalist passionate about communication and content marketing. Graduated in social communication with a degree in journalism from the University of Vale do Itajaí (Univali) in 2011 and a postgraduate degree in Business Communication Management.


It focuses on the production of strategic and specialized content for digital communication, internal communication, advertising, events, press, blogs, among others. Each with its peculiarity.


It has courses in copywriting, social media management, Instagram, virtual assistant and many others. Also included in this list are high performance and mental resilience courses.

Estratégia de conteúdo e marketing digital
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